Skeletons Unearthed

Fairhaven Star, November 15, 1902 

Skeletons Unearthed 
One of Them Thought to be Remains of John Cooke   

John Cooke, the first of the Pilgrims to settle in this section will have a memorial. 

“Peeked” Rock, a large 15-ton boulder that has been a landmark for centuries on the shore near the “Homestead” on North Main Street, was taken up by Captain Davis last Monday and transferred to the shore near the knoll at the foot of Pilgrim Avenue where rest the remains of the noted settler. 

Thomas Nye, John Miguel, and Joseph Anthony, under the direction of E. G. Spooner, commenced excavating for the foundation on Tuesday. 

A hole eight-foot square and four-foot deep was dug, and at this depth, four skeletons were unearthed. 

Two were evidently those of children and two of men. One child was found at the southwest corner of the hole, the other at the southeast corner. The remains were in boxes, fastened with copper nails and laid with the heads to the west. The boxes were in a bad state of decay, but the bones were in an excellent state of preservation. 

In the centre of the pit lying with head to the east were found the bones of a man apparently about six feet in height. The arm bones were long and large while the size of the skull was above the ordinary and of excellent form. The character of the bones would indicate that the man was of a heavy build. They were well preserved. 

The fourth skeleton was found at the northeast corner of the pit with the head to the west. The skull was badly decayed, but the other bones were in a fairly good state of preservation. 

The bones were boxed up Wednesday [Tuesday?] night by Marcellus P. Whitfield and placed in a small workshop in the rear of the residence of Mrs. Coombs. 

Thursday [Wednesday?] morning, when Mr. Nye went for the box, intending to bury it, it was not found. 

Its whereabouts were shrouded in the deepest mystery for a time. Finally on Wednesday night, Mr. Spooner saw Mr. Whitfield and learned that the latter had placed the box on the rafters overheard and covered it with a carpet, which explains why it was not to be found Wednesday morning.